About Ratings and Parental Controls


The following is an explanation of the age ratings and parental controls available for the games and applications on the PlayStation®Store.


All of the games available on the PlayStation®Store are labelled with symbols indicating the age for which they are suitable.  Age ratings are not a guide to gaming difficulty.  Parents should always check ratings before buying or allowing their children to buy or download games from the PlayStation®Store.

By checking age ratings, and using the parental controls (see below), parents and carers can help to ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate content and behaviour online.  Parents and carers should also monitor their child's online activity.

An explanation of the specific age rating symbols used on the PlayStation®Store for games is set out below. 


PEGI is an age rating system for video games which is used throughout the European Union, with the exception of Germany which has its own age rating system.   

The PEGI age ratings are set out below:


So a game with a 12 rating has content which is suitable only for those of 12 years and over, and a game with an 18 rating is suitable for adults only.  The rating reflects the existence of certain content, or the intensity of such content, such as violence, nudity or graphic sexual images, which may not be suitable for a certain age group.  The rating has nothing to do with the difficulty or playability of the game.

In addition to the age rating, the PlayStation®Store will also display descriptors indicating the type of content appearing in each game which may concern parents or carers.  The age rating of the game reflects the intensity of this content.  Depending on the game, there may be a number of such descriptors.  The descriptors are:









Many games are suitable for all ages, but parents and carers should always check the rating first to see if it is suitable for the child concerned.  To understand what to expect from a game, both the age rating and descriptors should be checked.

For further information, visit www.pegi.info.

Further, the PEGI Online icon appears on sites or portals giving access to games which may be played over the internet against other players.  This icon may only be used by online gameplay providers who have committed to uphold certain standards aimed at making online gameplay safer for children.  These include measures aimed at keeping gameplay free of illegal and offensive content and to protect the privacy of children when playing games online.

PEGI online

For further information and safe playing tips, visit www.pegionline.eu.


PlayStation® consoles offer a set of parental controls to enable a parent to restrict access to products with a certain age rating ensuring that children do not see or play content that the parent considers inappropriate. As explained above, games available on the PlayStation®Store are classified according to the PEGI rating system (except where, by law, another rating system applies).   Each age rating corresponds to a parental control level on the PlayStation® console as follows:

PEGI-18 Parental Control Level 9

PEGI-16 Parental Control Level 7

PEGI-12 Parental Control Level 5

PEGI-7 Parental Control Level 3

PEGI 3 Parental Control Level 2

So, if your child is 13, set the parental control on your console to level 5.  This means that your child will be able to play games age rated 12 and below.

In addition, when you set up a sub account for a child on the PlayStation®Network, you will be asked to confirm their date of birth.  Sub accounts will not be able to purchase content on the PlayStation®Store which is rated above their registered age.  However, once content has been downloaded from the PlayStation®Store to the PlayStation console, children may be able to access the content if the parental control level on the console is not set.  That is why it is important to set the console parental controls as explained above.

For more information on parental controls, visit eu.playstation.com/parents.